Use WaitLess in Physician Offices, ER's, Urgent Care Centers and more.
Use WaitLess at Hotels, Motels, Car Rental Agencies and more.
Food Service
Use WaitLess in Restaurants, Diners, Bars, Night Clubs and more.
Use WaitLess for Administrative & Social Services Offices and more.
Use WaitLess in Poker Rooms, Sports Books and more.
WaitLess is a unique application designed to minimize wait times and enhance the overall satisfaction of your customers.  The application uses Simple Messaging Service (SMS) and Internet technologies to allow you to manage and communicate service wait times and availability to customers in real-time.  Why just wait when you can WaitLess. 
With WaitLess, everything is managed from customizable dashboard including customer check-in, service waiting queues, and bi-directional messaging with all customers.  No special software or hardware is required to use WaitLess but rather just an internet browser and connection.

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